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Even everybody see the red light which generated effect of cigarette, behavioral smoke have never withdrawn and seems represent behavior which still tolerated by society. In smoke smoker there are 4000 dangerous chemical see vitamin for the health of, two among others nicotine having the character of tar and adiktif having the character of is carcinogenic And arising out carcinogen poison effect of combustion of tobacco can trigger the happening of cancer. Initially pregnant cigarette 8-20 nicotine mg and after burned by nicotine which come into blood sirkulasi only 25%. Although that way the insignificant amount have time only 15 second to come to to human being brain.

Nicotine accepted by asetilkolin receptor which later;then divided to reward band and adrenergik band. reward band, smoker will feel to enjoy, racing dopaminergik system. Its result smoker will feel calmerly, contemplative faculties feel more very bright, and can depress to feel peckish. Whereas in adrenergik band, this Iihat vitamin will activate adrenergik system [at] part of seruleus locus brain sorotin. The increasing of sorotin generate excitement feel to like at the same time desire look for cigarette again Tineke, This matter cause smoker very difficult leave cigarette, because have depend on nicotine.

Effect from cigarette / tobacco give light depresi stomulasi, adding capacity trouble, natural feeling, natural mind, psikomotor function and behaviour. If compared to other vitamin very low cigarette its influence, hence depend on cigarette [do] not so assumed serious condition

Some health risk to smoker pursuant to result of Social Survey [of] Economics National year 2004 for example ? In Indonesia smoking.

Some health risk to smoker pursuant to result of Social Survey Economics National year 2004 for example

1. In Indonesia smoke to cause 9,8% death because kronik paru disease and emfisima in the year 2001

2. Cigarette represent cause from about5 % stroke in Indonesia

3. Woman which smoking possible experience of or degradation postponement pregnant ability, man improve impotensi risk equal to 50

4. Ms. pregnancy which smoking during a period of/to pregnancy and or hit smoke smoke at home or its environment natural beresiko parturition having problem

5. A nonsmoker which menikah with smoker have paru cancer risk equal to 20-30% higher than them which its couple nonsmoker as well as risk get heart sickness

6. More than 43 million Indonesia child have age 0-14 year shack up with smoker its environment experience of growth tardy paru, and hit easier exhalation channel infection, ear infection and asthma.

Beside that some disease effect of smoking according to Body POM RI for example

heart sickness And stroke.

1. One from three death world relate to heart sickness and is. Both the disease can cause “ death sudden ( sudden death

2. Paru cancer.

3. One from ten heavy smoker will suffer from paru cancer. some case can cause fatal and cause death, because detected difficult early. Spreading earn happened swiftly to hepar, brain and bone

4. Canker.

5. Smoke can cause canker, damage pyorrhea and tooth

6. Osteoporosis.

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